Graphene Fiber Restoration High Waist Briefs

Color : 2PCS Blue
Size : M

Jelly Klein submitted this photo of his journey using the Graphene Fiber Restoration High Waist Briefs. Congrats on the success!


"After wearing these Graphene Fiber Restoration High Waist Briefs for a few months, I feel like a new person, and I feel better both on the inside and outside. With just consistent wearing, the toxins in my body have been completely eliminated. I feel so much lighter now! This brief really help me burn my belly fat. Thank you!"


"The staff at the theme park gave us all fast track passes so I didn't have to queue to see if I'd fit on each rollercoaster, my friends actually said to me 'I am glad you are fat as we get to jump straight to the front.' I went home that day distraught and knew I had to change. After trying this Graphene Fiber Restoration High Waist Briefs, I feel my tummy part tight and slim. Also I feel my endocrine and menstrual period back to normal. It really helped toxify my body, and I lost around 30 pounds. I feel like I'm finally happy and confident with myself and my body." - Randi Trewick

What Does Fat Build Up In the Belly?

 For many women, gaining fat in the stomach area occurs with age. As you get older, your metabolism slows down and doesn’t burn as many calories. Menopause can also cause insulin resistance and lead to excess belly fat that is hard to lose with just diet and exercise alone.

Restore your body's balance with our high-waist slimming briefs. Our new slim fit belly shaper helps you achieve that desired hourglass shape by assisting in digestion and blood circulation, which in turn boosts your metabolism, helping to burn weight faster.

Graphene Enhanced Fabric

Graphene is the greatest conductor of heat and electricity among all materials. It helps shape the body and increase circulation with the help of IONS. This fiber radiates ions, which promotes body firming and allows the body to burn calories faster and break them down efficiently.

Burns Fat, Removes Toxins & Improve Blood Circulation

The Graphene Fiber Restoration High Waist Briefs set reduces cellulite while boosting the body's digestive function. It helps people lose weight faster and burn calories faster, as well as convert them into usable energy that we can use to work out and exercise. It also helps to promote blood circulation, enhance blood and cellular tissue metabolism, boost cellular oxygen supply, and improve period circles. 

Graphene Fiber Restoration High Waist Briefs are designed to support the body in a variety of ways. Its elastic fabric, combined with its contoured underwear shape supports the stomach, waist and back area. By supporting the natural shape of the human body it relieves tension from those areas and increases their heightening state of comfort.

 Overall Lift & Plump

Graphene Fiber Restoration High Waist Briefs lifts your butt & restores the pinkness. With the help of both the IONs radiated by Graphene fiber feature of our shaper, it can reshape your hips, lose weight and burn unwanted fat. It focus on your belly fat and shaping properties of the compression fit in our shaper, it is comfortable enough to wear all day long.

 The Graphene Fiber Restoration High Waist Briefs releases natural energy through thermal circulation, improving blood circulation throughout the body and eliminating toxins from the uterus. Together with the graphene (a precious natural mineral) in the middle of the panties, infrared heat is absorbed by cells, causing a physical phenomenon called "resonance". Thus the cellular activities are instantly invigorated, resulting in better blood circulation and overall improved metabolism. Improves various gynecological diseases, reduces body fat and lifts the buttocks.

Anti Microbial Properties Keep Your Private Area Clean!

The best protection against infections, rashes, and other hygiene issues is to keep your private parts protected. Our Graphene Fiber Restoration Briefs has antibacterial features that help prevent bacteria from entering and living in your private areas. This helps prevent bacterial buildup, which helps stop infections and other hygiene issues like itching and burning.

What Makes This Graphene Fiber Restoration High Waist Briefs Be The GREAT CHOICE?

✔ Promotes Weight Loss

✔ Prevents fat accumulation & Help Burn Fat

✔ Effectively Help Gynecological Problems

✔ Improve Blood Circulation

✔ Lifts the buttocks

✔ Tighten vagina & restore pink skin

✔ Radiates IONS

✔ Speed up metabolism & improve digestion

✔ Multiple benefits - eliminates fat and toxins, regularizes menstruation, lifts hips, improves blood circulation, eliminates itching and vaginal tightening

Here are some of our happy customers:

 "I was 4 months postpartum and completely frightened to actually look at myself in the mirror, until I found this Graphene Fiber Restoration High Waist Briefs, and it can change my life. I just wore this panty, and my body swelling melted off and my belly got shredded. It's really lifted up my hips. Awesome! "I feel more confident wearing dresses, even just this underwear! -  Maggie Fierro 


  • Materials: Graphene Fiber, AAA Grade Antibacterial MicroNylon
  • Free size: Elastic, Fits Most Body Types
  • High Elasticity, Fits All Sizes (100-200lbs)

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